Ringmetall Nittel Pail Liners


Leading Supplier of Inliners – Experienced, customised and flexible

Nittel Halle GmbH, based in Halle/Saale, has been developing and manufacturing tailor-made plastic inliners for more than 60 years. The supplier offers all types of tailored inliners for the packaging industry. Nittel produces exclusively in Germany, but delivers to many regions of the world. Further international sales offices with their own warhousees are based in the UK, France and the Netherlands. In total, the company produces more than 4.000 different types of inliners and a total of around 10 million inliners per year. Nittel inliners are mainly used in the chemical industry, the pharmaceutical industry as well as in the food industry.

Further information about Nittel can be found at: http://www.nittel.eu/.