The Ringmetall Group is in contact with its environment, both with the various interest groups, stakeholders and shareholders. Compliance Management forms the link between the company and its stakeholders. This deals with the analysis and optimisation of regulated and possibly unregulated internal and external processes. The aim is to ensure compliance with legally binding and ethical requirements.

Due to Ringmetall’s international orientation, we are involved in a large number of regulations in all areas, both nationally and internationally. Compliance with the rules is a basic requirement for us. Checking and adhering to the rules is part of the daily work of our compliance department.
We not only prioritise our own values, but also ensure that everyone involved in the supply chain shares our standards and values. To this end, we have clearly communicated our expectations in our Supplier Code of Conduct (link) and endeavour to ensure that all our suppliers implement our ethical practices in their business activities.
As for suppliers, a code of conduct also applies to all employees of the Ringmetall Group. Every employee in the group of companies has agreed to comply with our rules and has access to our Code of Conduct at all times in order to internalise our values. We have formulated a standard for internal and external whistleblowers to prevent breaches of the rules.

Each of us acts in the overall interest of Ringmetall. Fairness and appreciation characterize our daily interaction. As part of a team, each of us lives by strong values. Honesty. Reliability. Credibility. We take responsibility.

We have formulated concrete rules for conduct in the professional environment and clearly set them out in the corresponding Group guidelines and agreements. They are unrestrictedly valid and binding for every employee of the Ringmetall Group. Anyone who does not behave in accordance with the Group guidelines and agreements must expect appropriate consequences within the framework of company and legal regulations.

In the event that whistleblowers wish to report a violation of existing rules and do not want to or are unable to use any other method, we have set up a whistleblower system in which violations can be reported anonymously. The system enables reports to be made technically anonymous and is available in several languages. It complements existing systems and is intended to be used to report violations made only under the anonymous reporting option. It thus complements all established systems in which personal reporting is carried out on the basis of existing regulations or tasks.

The special protective effect in this system is balanced by the responsibility to understand the system as a supplement to existing systems and to refrain from misuse.

Every employee, as well as outsiders, can also obtain information on the whistleblower reporting system by e-mail for better understanding. The central e-mail address set up for this purpose is: .