Industrial Packaging Liners

Safe transport solutions with the highest quality standards

The Industrial Packaging Liners (IPL) division was created as a result of Ringmetall’s repositioning as a specialist provider and system supplier in the packaging industry. In 2018, the acquisition of Nittel Halle laid the foundation for the second pillar and the IPL group of companies, which has grown since then. By entering the business of drum liners and related business areas, Ringmetall was able to increasingly expand its activities as a supplier to the drum industry and has developed into a major player in this business area through further acquisitions of first-class and long-established market participants. In 2023, the company entered the US market in order to further drive the Group’s growth with a view to the potential in the United States.

The IPL Group’s product portfolio includes more than 4,000 different variants of drum liners, beer tank liners and bag-in-box systems as well as various accessories for the safe transportation of liquids for the chemical and food industries.

The Industrial Packaging Liners division currently comprises five companies:

Nittel Halle GmbH, Halle
Tesseraux Spezialverpackungen GmbH, Bürstadt
Rhein-Plast GmbH, Bad Dürkheim
Liner Factory GmbH, Ahaus
Protective Lining Inc., New York

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