In the Industrial Packaging Division the corporation develops and produces highly specialized drum locking systems and, in addition, the company provides tailor-made inliners for industrial drums and pails, especially form inliners and round bottom inliners.

Apart from the main component, the clamping ring, the individual system components also include covers, seals, locking divisions, handles and various special parts. With a global market share of more than 70 percent and now more than 2,500 clamping ring systems designed for a wide range of applications, Ringmetall SE is the world’s market leader in the area of drum clamping rings.

Besides that the the corporation develops and manufactures more than 4.000 different types of tailor-made inliners – close to 10 millions per year- for all types of transport and storage containers. Various types and sizes of containers as well as the specific requirements to the materials that are used require a high level of customisation of the form inliners. The product range particularly includes form inliners, round bottom inliners, drum liners, IBC liners, container liners, dust caps and form lids as well as Bag-in-Box-components.

The Industrial Handling Division develops and produces special vehicle components for industrial trucks, tractors and agricultural vehicles. The special components are exclusively mounting systems for niche applications. These include restraint systems and lifting mast parts for forklift trucks, special brake and clutch pedals, complex welding assemblies as well as specialized trailer coupling systems and brackets for hydraulic components for use in forestry and agriculture.

Since, apart from the packaging solution, the handling of packaging systems meets the customers’ interdisciplinary requirements, the Ringmetall Group is well positioned to further strengthen its global market share and further expand its product margins.