The central holding structure of Ringmetall SE forms the core of the Group. It plans and coordinates the worldwide growth of its largely independent network of subsidiaries, held together by synergies, and acts as a driving force for the operative business.

In the Industrial Packaging Division, the company is planning to consolidate its global market leadership and expand it through targeted acquisitions. On the one hand, acquisition targets will be companies whose product portfolio is complementary to that of the Ringmetall Group. On the other hand, the corporation also intends to acquire companies that appear to be particularly attractive for a faster market penetration of focused growth regions due to their regional sales activities or special preconditions.

Parallelly to the opportunities that can result from external growth, the Ringmetall Group also continuously analyzes whether and to what extent further opportunities for creating synergies within the Group are emerging within the company. Identified potentials are further discussed at the level of the subsidiaries in inter-divisional groups and appropriate measures are introduced. Since the acquisition of the US subsidiary Self Industries at the end of 2015, extensive synergies have been identified with regard to international sales cooperations, which will strengthen the Group’s position in the coming months and years.

According to the Commercial Code (HGB), mainly the standardized financial indicators, e.g., revenue, EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization) and EBIT (earnings before interest and taxes), as well as date, quality and productivity indicators, are the main control variables of the Ringmetall Group, according to which all Group companies can be assessed at an international level).

In addition, the company takes account of the interests of international financial analysts and continuously works to optimize the most important financial indicators (KPIs) in use in the capital market environment.