Handling Systems for forklifts and agricultural machines

HSM develops, produces and distributes components and complex assembly systems for special vehicles such as forklift trucks, industrial trucks and agricultural machines. The company’s products include brake and clutch pedals, trailer couplings for trucks, electric carts and tractors in agriculture and forestry, brackets for hydraulic components, lifting mast parts for industrial trucks, as well as various casting housings and complex welding assemblies.

The business success of HSM is based on the production of high-quality products. Renowned operators of national and international airports, as well as market-leading manufacturers of trucks and agricultural machines, purchase HSM products for the completion of their products. Extensive tests are carried out by world-renowned manufacturers of lifting and conveying vehicles with new developments of HSM and brought to the market. HSM-products are used in Germany, in the rest of Europe and overseas.

HSM is currently reviewing the entire product portfolio. With the development of a new product generation, one wants to meet even better the requirements of the customer circle.

Further information about HSM can be found at www.hsm.systems.